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Our services

Our work is rooted in the analysis and the understanding of our clients’ risk profiles and investment expectations of returns. This is where we start from to create and develop the investment strategy which is best tailored to their needs.
We select the best investment products available on the market while being completely independent and free from any constraints.
We have access to the research of the most influential economists and analysts, both independent and working for the top international banks and companies, worldwide.
These are the services we provide:

We work together with our clients to find the investment strategy that best suits their risk profile and subsequently manage it while always following their requirements.

The client is willing to play an active part in the investment decision-making process. Investment proposals must obtain the client’s consent before being implemented. The client can make decisions thanks to the information and analysis provided by the asset manager.

The asset manager provides the client with investment proposals, market analysis, financial scenarios and products. The client directly implements the proposals which suit him best.

We are able to construct, offer and implement bespoke investment proposals based on the client’s requirements or special needs.

Thanks to the PMS managing software we regularly use, we are always and in real time able to provide consolidated positions concerning banking relationships in different custodian banks. This enables the clients to constantly monitor their global exposures both in relation to currencies and to the different active positions. It’s an essential service for risk monitoring and evaluation, which also allows us to intervene immediately when needed.

Thanks to our professional skills and the regular use of risk management software, we are able to perform a complete portfolio risk analysis

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