Since 1972

Our team

Teamwork is our strength. Only by working together as a team,
we can enhance every individual special ability.
We have a single point of reference and this is “never stop anticipating changes”.
Our management team consists of analysts, portfolio managers and client advisors.
We value and enhance the manifold skills and competencies by putting them at the group’s disposal.
Our clients look at us as a company able to provide an effective,
attentive and constant dialogue throughout.

Emilio Martinenghi

Giovanni Manzini

Nicola Wullschleger

Fabio Poma

Adriano Scarpellini

Marinette Svanascini

Stefano Delcò

Giovanni De Luigi

Raffaele Fink

Marco Nani

Ana Sousa Lopes

Ilyas Suemer

Luca Valsangiacomo

Manuela Mentasti

Antonella Pampena

Chiara Manzini

Sabrina Petraglio

Francesca Valsangiacomo

Alberto Nigris

Narciso Gajisan