Since 1972

Who we are

We are the wealth and asset management company of the WMM,
Wullschleger Martinenghi Manzini Group.
We have been operating within wealth and asset management and financial consulting since 1972.
We are independent wealth and asset managers and are members of the SAAM/VSC (ASG),
The Swiss Association of Asset Managers.
Our aim is to protect our clients’ assets and to maximize the returns on their investments
at the same time.
We are an independent wealth and asset managers and we avoid any conflicts of interest whatsoever.
We enjoy strong relationships with our financial market most important custodian banks, where we also open our clients’ accounts.
We pay the greatest attention to the valuation of our clients’ risk profiles.
Our job is to achieve the best possible results while always bearing in mind the risk parameters chosen and approved by our clients.
Being part of the WMM Group allows us to take advantage of important synergies within the realms of the tax, financial and business consulting sector and the real estate and property management and intermediary services domain. The benefits coming from these synergies that our clients constantly report are possible thanks to the skills and competencies provided by the 45+ qualified experts and staff of our group.